Travel around the Ariva Universe, Future in the past, past in the future

Ariva is changing the future of tourism. Ariva Wonderland aims to bring the dynamics of life and the pinnacle of entertainment around a unique travel experience.

Ariva pushes the limits regarding what is possible thanks to the utilization of virtual reality within the crypto and DeFi space. Through it, users shall be able to virtually travel to amazing attractions from the comfort of their own homes.

The advantages of using Ariva.Game

There are many areas to travel in Ariva Wonderland, 7 galaxies and 7 craters in each, thousands of customized lands in 49 different space areas. They are all connected to the mainland, bringing it to a total of 160,000 parcels.


Ariva Wonderland is an immersive experience for its users, you can claim your ownership of land pieces, personalize your avatars, assets, and anything else in Ariva Universe with a secure way using (Non-Fungible Tokens) NFTs.

VR Experience

Have an amazing experience in Ariva wonderland. VR experience that Ariva Wonderland presents some uniques moments to its gamers. Be a part of of a new world, new experiences and find new friends.

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